Trashsure is an one-woman upcycling fashion accessories brand founded in Haarlem. Committed to the principles of sustainable design,Trashsure works intentionally on small scale production, trying to raise awareness on slow, ethical, socially and environmentally conscious fashion and home accessories.

Trashsure upcycles leftover fabrics and uses remnants. We source our raw material locally and adhere to a policy of zero waste. Respecting the character and limitations of our fabrics, Trashsure designes bags that are utilitarian, stylish and reliable. Trash becomes treasure made by Trashsure.

The Trashsurebirds first began as an experiment, to see if we could make something curvy and appealing from something as sturdy as a bicycle inner tube. We love making them, as each bird has its own distinct expression. All birds are handmade.

The bags are each designed separately and manufactured with a industrial sewing machine. It is very rewarding to give the material a new lease of life, materials are far more interesting as they age. Working with limited resources and relying on what is available at the time, it is inevitable.



We use reclaimed materials. We call them materials with experience which we combine with leftovers from the industry. It’s very rewarding to give the material a new lease of life. It also makes your purchase unique and sustainable.

Paying it forward

There is more in life than making a profit. Trashsure donates 10% of the profit to Campagneteam Huntington that helps finance research for Huntington’s Disease. Follow Trashsure023 on Instagram or Facebook for  the 100% for Huntington Listings!