Memory Bags

The most beautiful things we have in our home are those that have a story attached to them. They were given to us years ago or were passed on within the family. They lie in a cupboard and we have almost forgotten about them.
They are not used but are too precious to get rid of.
Transforming a coat into a bag or accessory not only gives it a second life, but because of the connection with the past it becomes much more emotionally valuable than an item bought in a shop.

Trashsure023 turns every coat into a different bag. It can be one of your own or one that I have in stock. Together, we can make the waste mountain a little smaller.

There’s more to life than making a lot of profit. Trashsure donates 10% of its profits to Campagneteam Huntington.

Trashsure also uses all kinds of other fabrics, such as shirts, skirts, or motorcycle suits. Even damaged materials get a second chance.

Are you interested? Contact me and we will make a plan for a custom made bag.